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Por razões óbvias escreverei em parte em inglês.

É com grande tristeza que descobri hoje que no passado dia 18 de Dezembro de 2008 faleceu a esposa do criador da série de Star Trek - O Caminho das Estrelas. Ela própria desempenhava vários papeis nas diversas séries.

Em Star Trek - The Original Series ela é a Enfermeira Chapel e em Star Trek - The Next Generation e Star Trek - Deep Space Nine ela protagoniza a famosa embaixador Lwaxana Troi.

O resto virá escrito em inglês.

It is a pitty that it took me more than a month to find out that Majel Barett Roddenberry had died. I went to make a quick search on the official site and for some reason I did not find a single mention of her passing away. I really don't know if they had something there that now is no longer there or if I didn't search "hard enough". One would imagine that the death of the wife of the creator of the franchise and an actress on the series as well would have some kind of attention. Apparently I must be mistaken since there is absolutely no mention whatsoever, even the biography remains unchanged as if she was still alive.

Conclusion: Star Trek (thanks to the tireless efforts of Paramount and Mr. Rick Berman) has been losing popularity for a bloody (pardon my french) long time and apparetly whoever is running it now (probably the same people) intends to give it the last stroke by alienating the fans. Also, I believe that it is a plain and simple lack of respect for the deceased Majel Roddenberry.

Rest in peace Majel Barett Roddenberry.

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